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2022 Bylaw and Officer Ballot

Bylaw Changes

Proposal to change Article III , Section 4 from “nine educational
meetings” to “eight educational meetings”
Proposal to eliminate Article VI , Section 2 – A & B and the following
sentence “ Initial dues shall be as follows:”
A) ACTIVE MEMBER $120.00 per year
B) AFFILIATE MEMBER $250.00 per year
As this is not needed in the Bylaws as Section 2 states “The board of
directors may determine from time to time any annual dues
payable to the corporation by members.”

Elections of Officers

President - Jim Mumford
Treasurer - Lauren Neville
Secretary - Pam Mazur
Membership Chair - Jennifer Finley
Program, Speaker, and Sponsor Chair - Pam Shivers
Social Media Chair - Jimel Carpenter
Communications Chair - Claire Shivers

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